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MLM leads - Information on opt in home business leads
What is a good MLM fresh lead?

1. Fresh. Fresh leads are the best leads and real-time leads are premium leads.  It makes sense that the most advantageous time to connect with someone is as soon after they express their interest as possible.  Using real-time leads gives you the fastest way of being able to do this.

2. Non-Incentivized. What does that mean? A good MLM lead is a person who is interested in a home business and has not supplied his contact information in exchange for the chance of winning a contest or getting a certificate good for a 'free' vacation or some other reward.  You want leads to be people who want information, not freebie seekers or contest junkies.

3. Open. A lot of people are interested in a home business.  But if you're in Network Marketing, that isn't enough.  A good MLM lead must be open to the concept of Multilevel Marketing, not someone looking to provide a service out of their home.

4. Genuine. A good MLM lead should be someone who is honestly interested in Network Marketing.  In an industry that holds the promise of wealth and freedom, the curious, the frivolous, and the time-wasters abound.  Many are called, but few are honest about wanting to do something in MLM!

5. Not Oversold. If you use exclusive, real-time leads, this isn't a problem.  But with larger lists consisting of older names, good leads are people who have not been turned-off by having been contacted too many times. This is one thing a lead source can easily control.

6. Reachable. Deliverable by mail or email isn't enough.  Good MLM leads can be reached by phone.  A few will give false information. Others can never be reached.  Many never really wanted to hear from you at all.  A good MLM lead is a lead that wants to hear from you, a lead that wants to know more.

7. Teachable. Not everyone who joins an MLM company knows what to do.  In fact, virtually all require some kind of training.  A good MLM lead is teachable and willing to learn.

8. CAPABLE. Good MLM leads are willing and able to invest in the business.  A good MLM lead is not part of the something for nothing or get-rich-quick crowd.  They are realistic.  They have dreams, but they
are not idle dreamers.

9. Time Wise. It seems no one has much time to do anything extra, these days.  A good MLM lead is willing to set aside time to work his business on a regular basis, knowing he will eventually earn back his time and then some.  He knows that wise use of his time today will pay dividends tomorrow.

10. Decisive. Good MLM leads are ready to act.  Some may want to look a little deeper into a given opportunity, but a good lead won't keep putting off a decision he will never make.  He's willing to walk the walk, not just listen to you talk!
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